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Introducing AlteonOS 28.1!

At Radware, we're interested in building deeper relationships with our best customers. So we're inviting you to join a select group of key players within Radware's customer accounts. The thrust of this group is to offer us advice on our new AlteonOS versions.

Participants will work closely with Radware team members to ensure the alignment of AlteonOS 28.1 with our customer needs and its quality.


  • Test & evaluate – gain firsthand and early access to exciting new capabilities in store for Alteon OS 28.1, including enhancements to ADC-VX flexibility & IPv6 support, major improvements in Layer7 content switching capabilities, DNSSec and SSL Server-Name-Indication (SNI) support
  • Knowledge - gained from participating on the Early-Availability program
  • Free technical support - from Radware professional services for the entire duration of the program
  • It's a great place to be heardand influence - through this group, our customers provide valuable, real-world insights and input– and we listen 

What’s New?

    • Layer 7 Content Switching Enhancements
    • IPv6 Enhanced Support
    • DNSSec Support
    • Virtualization (ADC-VX)
    • Central Management Support
    • 5224 Platform
    • Multi HTTPS Hosts on Single Virtual Service (SNI)
    • HTTP Cache Content Invalidation
    • HTTP Pipelining Support
    • HTTP Normalization
    • Force Traffic though the Application Services Engine
    • Health Checks Enhancements
    • SYN Attack Protection Enhancements
    • SSL Enhancements TLS 1.1
    • Enhanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

If you are interested in participating in the Alteon OS 28.1 beta testing, or to receive further information, please click here.

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12th of October 2011 02:06 AM